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Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer

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Product Description

SAVE YOUR LIFEHave you ever wondered exactly how intoxicated you are during a night of drinking? Are you afraid that friends may be driving drunk, but you‘re not sure? Now you can measure anyone's exact alcohol level with a portable breath tester. Simply blow into the tester and your alcohol level will be displayed in seconds. It utilizes advanced semi-conductor gas sensor technology and  displays the alcohol content in precise digital percentile increments, all this in about ten seconds. It's easy to use. Simply press the button, wait for the beep, blow into the unit - You don'tneed to touch it with your mouth.It is compact and easily fits into your pocket or purse and comes with a strap. It is about the same size as a lighter Removable Wristband.

Alcohol Tester Features: LCD screen display Breath alcohol concentration testing Quick response and resume capacity Threaded by strap in order to be more convenient carrying                                                      Auto power off for saving battery                                

Function: Alcohol test : Press the "POWER" button once, the sceen will display 10 or 15 seconds count down indicating the tester enters into "warm up" mode. When the "blow" symbol displayed and 10 seconds count down started, indicating the tester is ready to test.  Exhale pneuma into breath inhaler for 3­5 seconds, then read the result from the alcohol tester LCD:                                                              

1. The "Caution" symbol will be displayed if the alcohol concentration is the level between 0.02%­0.05% BAC or 0.1mg/L­0.25mg/L BRAC.  The "Danger" symbol will be displayed if the alcohol concentration is the level over 0.05% BAC Specification: Alcohol test range:0­0.19%BAC, Accuracy: 0.01%BAC, Warm up time: 10­15s, Response time: takes about 20 minutes into the blood from the digestive organs , and residual alcohol in the mouth takes time to dissipate.

2. To get a more accurate result , the distance should be at least three minutes betweeneach test .

3. Do not use benzene , gasoline and thinners cleaning product ingredients tester .

4. Do not allow any liquid penetrated into the sensor.

5. to remind you , to you and the safety of others , do not drink and drive.


Package included:

1 x LCD screen display alcohol tester (backlight)

1 x User manual

1 x Hanging strap / lanyard